Embrace Better Heart Health
Through Laughter, Joy and Gratitude

             This book is chock full of vital, valuable information for living a long, healthy, vibrant life. It is literally a handbook for a healthy heart. It is easy to read and easy to apply. I highly recommend it.”

Jack Canfield, Co-creator of Chicken Soup to Inspire the Body and Soul®

Nourish your physical heart by recognizing it as your emotional and spiritual center

Have you been looking for a more holistic approach to heart health that goes beyond the old mantra of counting calories and checking cholesterol levels?

While your “numbers” are important, it’s essential to recognize that life is truly a gift and your heart is much more than just a biological muscle.

In her new book, Your Vibrant Heart, Harvard-trained cardiologist Dr. Cynthia Thaik comes from her heart to teach you how this amazing organ is also an emotional center that signifies energy, vibrancy, love, happiness, vitality, strength and spirit.

Realize that caring for your heart is absolutely essential

The facts surrounding heart disease are stunning.

Dr. Thaik wrote Your Vibrant Heart because she knows many of these deaths can be prevented. In it she shares expert advice and tools that are vital to a vibrant and healthy heart.

What makes her work groundbreaking and unique is that Dr. Thaik goes beyond discussing how to care for your physical heart.

She also provides exceptional insight into understanding the deep emotional and spiritual connection that’s pivotal to improved heart health.

Discover mind, body, spirit exercises that can transform your heart health

Dr. Thaik believes we have much more control over our lives and heart disease than we give ourselves credit for.

Through Your Vibrant Heart she shares emotional and spiritual factors that influence heart health, including why it’s important to:

By learning to build peace within yourself, Dr. Thaik shows you how you can create a powerful defense that literally shields your health from the rigorous demands of a chaotic life.

Rather than reacting to life’s random events, you’ll learn to create a calmer life that emanates from your heart as you become more mindful about how you choose to think and feel.

Learn about heart health that truly comes from the heart

Your Vibrant Heart highlights the fact that having a vivacious, healthy heart is not simply a physical issue.

You’ll learn that the life and health you desire are first created through your thoughts, feelings and emotions—which in turn affect every cell in your body.

This has everything to do with your ability to attract good health and repel disease.

With an uplifting and compassionate voice, Dr. Thaik shares many of the expert techniques she uses with patients to manage stress, bring order to their busy lives and create deep and lasting inner meaning.

Reviews for Your Vibrant Heart

              This book is chockfull of vital, valuable information for living a long, healthy, vibrant life. It is literally a handbook for a healthy heart. It is easy to read and easy to apply. I highly recommend it.”

—Jack Canfield, Co-creator of Chicken Soup to Inspire the Body and Soul®

“This revolutionary book on heart health is the most complete study ever done to show you how to live longer, better, happier and more vibrantly than you ever thought possible.”

—Brian Tracy, Best-selling author of The Psychology of Achievement

“Read this special book! Your Vibrant Heart is about the heart and its higher potentials, but perhaps most importantly, it’s from the heart. Dr. Cynthia shares her own journey of the heart, as well as the wisdom from the hundreds of patients she’s worked with over the years. What I like most about the book is that it shows us the real inside-job of health, how to
draw on the power of love to reinvent ourselves from the inside out.”

—Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. Author of Conscious Loving and The Big Leap

“This book is a wonderful read about the mind-heart connection, written by a scientifically based cardiologist. Dr. Cynthia gives you the motivational tools to create a happier brain and a healthier heart. Doctor’s orders: read it, do it, feel it.”

—William Sears, M.D. Author of Prime-Time Health

“Dr Cynthia Thaik is THE doctor to open your mind and your life to the ways and the means to REAL health in every area of life. I recommend you not only read her book, but that you take her ‘prescriptions’ for better living. It may actually save your life!”

—Bob Proctor, Best-selling author of You Were Born Rich

Open up to a new way of thinking about your heart

Life is a gift and there is no possession you should value more than good health and a great heart. Your Vibrant Heart examines every aspect of this wondrous organ that is often taken for granted when it should be deeply treasured.

You’ll learn how it works and what nurtures and supports it from a purely physical standpoint. However, Dr. Thaik also teaches you to make a massive shift and look at your heart as your emotional and spiritual center.

You’ll learn to view your heart as a powerful life force through which you can:

Your heart truly is the centerpiece of your being, and Your Vibrant Heart will change the way you view how energy flows through your body to create the life you choose to design.


Dr. Cynthia Thaik is a Harvard-trained, board-certified cardiologist who specializes in women's health, cardiovascular health, and congestive heart failure. She is the founder of Revitalize-U - A New Body Image, a wellness center focused on health, nutrition, weight loss, and detoxification. Among her recognitions are the National Institute of Health's National Research Service Award, the American College of Cardiology's Cardiovascular Research Award, and the Raymond Kalil Memorial Cardiovascular Research Award. Please visit Dr. Cynthia's other sites: yourvibrantheart.com and drcynthia.com